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The meetings and programs offered at the Fellowship Hall have enabled countless members of our community to recover from alcoholism and addiction to drugs, relationships, food, gambling, or sex.


The Hall also hosts meetings to support those who have had the devastating experience of watching a loved one — a partner, parent, child, or friend — wrestle with a disease of addiction.

Groups who use The Hall do so in cooperation but not affiliation. Here are the local recovery groups that meet regularly at The Hall.


Events and Announcements

Meeting Calendar

Look for the new Recovery Community Calendar for displaying your meeting date and time. Your meeting or event announcements can now be displayed on the lobby TV and on our digital calendar spaces. Please email us your updates or EDITED flyer HERE to get the word out about your event or update!

Call for Volunteers

We are an ever growing community and on the lookout for people who want to help make an impact. Whether you're a fundraising enthusiast, or have a knack for facility maintenance, your skills can make a real difference. Let us know how you'd like to Get Involved HERE


Start Your Journey Towards a Better Life

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