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At Fellowship Hall, Inc. we are more than just a facility; we are a cornerstone of hope and support in the Bozeman community. Our journey is one of compassion, commitment, and community-driven efforts. Here's a deeper look into who we are.

Fellowship Hall

Empowering Recovery

Our mission is to offer an inviting recovery space for those seeking solace and recovery from various addictions. For over a decade, we have stood as a symbol of hope in Bozeman, guiding countless individuals towards a brighter, healthier future. Our approach is holistic, working with recovery communities to help lead the way in prevention, education, outreach, and, fundamentally, recovery. We firmly believe that everyone is entitled to a life filled with health and happiness, and we dedicate ourselves to making this a tangible reality for anyone seeking the gift of recovery.

A Decade
of Support

The story of Fellowship Hall began in 2011 when an anonymous donor generously gifted the property at 2165 Durston Rd.. This act of kindness laid the foundation for The Fellowship Hall, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to offering a permanent haven for recovery programs. Our existence is a testament to the power of community support – from the initial donation to the ongoing financial contributions, the tireless efforts of volunteers, and the strategic direction of our Board of Directors.

by Purpose

The vision and soul of our operation lie with our volunteer Board of Directors, individuals deeply committed to our cause. Led by an executive committee and the Board is fortified by additional members who contribute their diverse skills and perspectives. These dedicated individuals work hard to ensure the continuity of our mission and the effective operation of Fellowship Hall. Every decision, every action taken by our board is fueled by a singular goal: to enhance and sustain the support we offer to those on their journey to recovery.

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