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what we do

Help those struggling with drugs, alcohol, and other addictions, by providing a safe, welcoming, accessible facility for recovery programs.

why it matters

Statistics from the Montana Department of Justice indicate that

1 in every 10 residents of Gallatin County is dependent on or is actively abusing alcohol or drugs.

• 90% of Montanans with Substance Use Disorder are not receiving treatment. (Montana DPHHS)

ADDICTION: An incurable disease that is progressively destructive and eventually fatal if left untreated.

(American Medical Association)

recovery is
a community effort

We are committed to providing the recovery space for people to face addictions, including substance abuse, relationship issues, and more. We welcome Twelve Step programs and various recovery groups to unite and celebrate the power of recovery. Our belief is that when you enhance community you strengthen recovery and can directly and indirectly reduce the cost of alcohol and drug addiction. Our commitment lies in aiding those on their recovery path by fostering empowerment and strengthening community ties, thus enabling successful recovery journeys.

Here are the local recovery communities that support each other in recovery at The Hall.

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Fellowship Hall, Inc.

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